A New Tradition?

The premise was to substitute a cat instead of a wedding bouquet.

You’ve seen one wedding reception, you’ve seen them all. Okay, the venue may vary, indoor, outdoor, country club, cut-n-shoot bar, backyard or the beach. The rituals remain the same, bad music, either band or DJ. The bride and groom’s special song. It’s the same song that was “our special song” at the last five receptions you attended. The festivities culminate with the bride tossing the bouquet.

The picture represents a refinement on the tradition. I welcome the change. Substitute a cat for the flowers. Imagine the anticipation, on the part of the cat and the celebrants. Hear the squalling of the cat competing with the squeals of the intended recipients. There will still be the mad scramble, as the mad as hell cat and the participants interact. What’s not to like?