Technology Marches On…

Bon appétit
Talk about the round brown!

What will they think of next? Best I can tell no assholes (literal or figurative) were scalded by molten chocolate during the process. I don’t know that I’d be in the market for personalized chocolate assholes. I can come up with a list of folks to whom I would send generic chocolate assholes.

I wonder if they sell franchises? If so it could be a natural fit for a gynecologist or proctologist… “while I have you in the stirrups, wanna order some chocolates?”

I have to wonder at the thinking. Which is more deranged? (1) I’ve got an idea. Let me pour molten chocolate on your asshole. (2) Look at that! Your asshole produced a chocolate duplicate. Want a bite? (3) This could be the next big thing. I can sell franchises.

What do you do for a living? I make and sell chocolate assholes. Who am I to throw stones. I used to tell people I swam in a sewer.

What would Tony say?