Which One of These….

Welcome to this installment of Bert and Ernie investigate. The two greatest investigators ever, ask: “Which one of these are not like the other?”

It is a trick question. The correct answer is that they are both the same. The picture on the left is a unicorn. Everybody knows what a unicorn is. Ask people to describe one and their description will coincide with the picture. There is just one problem. Unicorns don’t exist in nature, never have.

On the right is Charlotte Clymer. Charlotte Clymer as a guy claiming to be a woman. He also claims to be a lesbian. Finally, he purports to be a Catholic who supports abortion. Like the unicorn, Clymer vision of self does not comport with reality. Clymer is not homosexual. He is a man that prefers to have sex with a woman. Since he is a man, he can’t be a lesbian. Clymer is a transvestite, he likes to dress up in the clothing of the opposite sex. It doesn’t matter that his attempts to pass are akin to putting lipstick on a pig. Abortion is not acceptable under Catholic doctrine. It is kind of hard to be a good Catholic while rejecting a central tenant of the faith.

The Catholic Church occasionally looks the other way if the heretic is wealthy or an influential politician. There is no indication that this particular transvestite meets that criteria.

Transvestites are so passé. Some people claim J Edgar Hoover was one and he has been dead for over forty-five years. Transsexual is just so cutting edge.