Modest Proposal

We have all heard about the fence that has been put up around Congress after the events of January 6, 2021. Here is an exercise. Go to Google and try the following search, images: “Congress Fence”. Next try “Pig wearing lipstick”. I found one Congress Fence image, from the Washington Examiner. Images of pigs wearing lipstick were too numerous to count. Given the MSM media love affair with transvestites claiming to be transsexual, I guess it is to be expected. Makeup tips, don’t you know.

Congress Fenced in

I was going to head in another direction but the dearth of images of Congress hunkered down behind its wall distracted me. Here is the Border Wall. BORDER WALL BAD!. It keeps wetbacks out. Basement Joe has halted construction.

I got to thinking with construction halted on the Border wall, what happens to all the building materials? Here is a picture of the wall being constructed. It appears that the wall is made up of units fabricated off-site.

Rather than letting those prefab border wall units go to waste why not find another use for them. I know! Load em up onto trucks, bring them to DC, and presto chango! bad border wall becomes good Congress wall. Keeping voters away from Congress critters, GOOD!

I guess I’m not surprised. People confronted with images of a fence around Congress might draw unsavory associations.

Green Zone, Iraq
Berlin Wall
Horror of horrors, they might stop making political contributions.