Sounds Great! But….

Psychology is right up there with alchemy, auguries and voodoo. Believers swear by whatever technique is on the hit parade. Skeptics haven’t lost anything by rejecting foolish ideas. The newest fad is loading wackos up with psychedelic drugs. The result will either kill, cure or cause the patient not to give a shit.

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy could provide needed options for debilitating mental-health disorders including PTSD, major depressive disorder, alcohol-use disorder, anorexia nervosa and more that kill thousands every year in the United States, and cost billions worldwide in lost productivity.

I dealt with folks that were self medicating on psychedelics for years. As a group they were assholes, before using psychedelics. Afterwards they were still assholes, just subject to flashbacks.

I don’t know why anybody would give credence to a so called mental health professional. Take the cautionary tale of “Sybil.” Her psychiatrist claimed that Sybil displayed sixteen distinct and separate personalities. Books and movies followed. everybody but Sybil got rich off the royalties.

It turns out Sybil made it all up. She was faking the entire time. But, but, but…. it could have happened.

Then we have body dysmorphic disorder. Anorexia and gender identity both fall under the same umbrella. If an anorexic askes for stomach stapling because of a false belief that they are overweight, then its off to the booby hatch. If a person claims to be “wrong sexed” and seeks the amputation of healthy tissue, the response is different. Chances are the mental health professional will reach for the latest Mercedes catalog to check out options and color choices for their new car. Same delusions different treatments.

Screw it. Load them up with psychedelics, at least they get to keep their genitalia.