I Read It On The Internet

Ever open one of those click bait slide shows? I have a list of people that it ought to be legal to shoot on sight, telemarketers, the guy who synchronizes all of the TV commercials to come on at the same time, liberals and damn near anybody who has had celebrity linked to their name. I’m adding these click bait writers to the list.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just take the ‘Hook’ that is supposed to suck you in and compose my own story. It isn’t necessary for the hook and the story to bear any resemblance to one another or the truth. For instance:

I have no idea how this turns out. In my alternate story Liane and hubby get their DNA results and discover that they are brother and sister. What they have been doing for the last twenty years is a felony in forty-nine states.

I’m not sure about Georgia. How else does one explain Stacey Abrams and Hank Johnson? Inbreeding seems more plausible than the fact that they are democrats.

I may have to reconsider this alternate story bit. It’s too close to the New York Times way of doing things.