PORAC PONDERS, Down the Memory Hole?

I had a reader point out to me that Yahoo and Google have both disappeared from search results. Yahoo brings up links to an organization in California. Google show the same result. However, in google PORAC PONDERS appears as an also ran. Usually, Porac is referenced as secondary to a porn or Viagra site. Google analytics shows that on May 11, 2022, PORAC PONDERS had 70 hits. That is double, maybe even triple the number of hits on my best day. I suspect that I rattled somebody’s cage.

Best I can tell everything still works except the search results. Have I been targeted? Is there an innocent explanation? I don’t know. If anybody has any insight, I be happy to hear it.

It would be tempting and a major ego boost to claim that liberal scum has targeted my little old blog. But the truth is I just don’t know. If PORAC was targeted, what does it say about the current state of affairs? Are liberal fascists threatened by a blog that reaches such a small audience, that they must take action? A blog like PORAC, is like a single book. No big deal. However, gather enough together and…

On the other hand it could be a technical thing. In which case: