The Choirboys, Revisited

In the early 70’s Joseph Wambaugh wrote a book titled, “The Choirboys.” It followed the exploits of a group of Los Angeles Police Officers (LAPD) and their effort to handle the stress inherent in the job. Their solution involved consumption of copious quantities of alcoholic beverages at get togethers in an LA park. These events were termed choir practices.

I saw this article that described as a new form of protection for those who engage in oral sex. Whaddaya Mean Dean beat them by fifty years.

These are not your daddy’s edible panties. No, these are the Timex of bloomers. They take a licking and keep on…

Whaddaya Mean Dean was one of Wambaugh’s Choirboys. In one incident, Dean passed out in the back bedroom at a pool party. That same bedroom was used by female officers as a changing room. A female officer that Dean had a crush on retreated to the bedroom to change out of her bathing suit. She stripped off her suit and sat down on a glass topped coffee table. Dean, awaked but undiscovered by the officer saw his chance. He slid under the table. He was discovered when she looked down between her legs and found Dean was his lips pressed against the glass making slurping sounds. Dean became a “legend in his own time” for attempting to eat pressed ham through the package. It didn’t end well for Dean. However, those were more innocent times, there was no EEOC complaint, no sexual harassment lawsuit, no claims of PTSD, just a five iron through the glass.

Ain’t technology wonderful?