Does this Water Taste Funny?

The water level in Lake Mead has dropped and sins of the past keep showing up. For the second time in as many weeks authorities have discovered a body. These aren’t recent drownings but the aftermath of body dumps. Guess the perpetrators couldn’t be bothered to dig a hole in millions of acres of desert.

Provincetown, Ma

This brings to mind a trip to P-town, to the uninitiated that is Provincetown, Ma. back in 1972. P-town is at the tip of Cape Cod and was and still is notable for a sizable in your face gay population. I went with two female friends. After spending time on the beach, we went to a restaurant for lunch. One of my companions asked the flaming waiter for water. He responded in the campiest fashion possible, (lisp, hand waive, and hip shot). “Why do you want water, fish fuck in it?”

May be so, but there are worst things in the water.