Pizzagate has reared its ugly head. Contrary to popular belief the concept expressed by Pizzagate isn’t new. Consider, some folks believe that: Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare’s plays, Lindbergh kidnapped his own son and LBJ ordered Kennedy’s assignation. The list goes on.

It’s simple, express a theory, with or without factual basis about an event and repeat. The truly outlandish conspiracy theory will quickly disappear. A well crafted theory will given people pause. Success is indicated when the audience stops and says, ” that sounds like something ________ would do…

Four years ago, before the 2016 presidential election, the baseless notion that Hillary Clinton and Democratic elites were running a child sex-trafficking ring out of a Washington pizzeria spread across the internet, illustrating how a crackpot idea with no truth to it could blossom on social media — and how dangerous it could be. In December 2016, a vigilante gunman showed up at the restaurant with an assault rifle and opened fire into a closet.

Why is this news? P.T.Barnum became wealthy proving that there was no end to the gullibility of the public. Vaudeville gave way to the movies. Every movie that has ever been made requires that the viewer, “suspend their disbelief.” It doesn’t have to be real, just plausible. People are trained to accept the impossible as true. “Beam me up Scotty.”

Did Hillary Clinton and the democrats set up and run a child sex trafficking ring out of a Washington D.C. Pizzeria. The allegation is ridiculous. First, it is limited in scope. Such an operation would be much grander. Second, it wasn’t Hillary. It was Epstein and Blow Job Bill Clinton, the serial rapist and one time president.

There is a balancing act going on. If one hits the sweet spot, then Obama was a great President, rather than an abject failure. Time doesn’t heal or conceal all faux pas. Woodrow Wilson went from progressive darling to racist pig, seemingly over night. Can Margret Sanger be far behind?

The standard isn’t, “Is it true?” Rather the hurdle to be cleared is, “Could it be?” Given the proclivities of Hillary and the democrats, aside from ethical conduct, anything is possible. The depths of their depravity haven’t been reached.