Cultural Appropriation

I started out checking out a blog on Power Line about Nicky Hopkins. He was a session piano player who made the rounds of just about every major rock and roll band in the 60’s and 70’s. I remember him best for his performance of “Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder” with Quicksilver Messenger Service. Somehow, I ended up with Melanie. That isn’t a bad place to be. At the link:

Melanie, Edwin Hawkins Singers, “Lay Down”
White girl bad!

These days the current meme would probably characterize Melanie as an exploiter of black artists. In truth, Melanie, and other rock and rollers of the time provided an outlet for black artists. Some of whom had been touring the “chitlin circuit” for years and never broke through to the mainstream.

The choice is clear, take time to learn history or just react, despite history.