It Must Be True, I Saw it in a Pie Chart!

The Babylon Bee is a satirical blog site with a conservative Christian perspective. The far left Snopes website has fact checked several Babylon Bee stories. In doing so Snopes did not acknowledge that the stories were satire. This has caused an ongoing war between the websites. Above is the Babylon Bee’s latest salvo.

Power Line adds their two cents to the debate.

The Babylon Bee has the next to final word by pointing out: (Note: you do not need to criticize the methods for this survey, as we have a pie chart, which makes it 100% legitimate).

I get the final word because PORAC is mine. There are so many ways to manipulate a survey, that I don’t believe any of them. I have been conducting my own survey of people who survey. My survey has only one question. My results indicate that 100% of the people who answer are incredibly perverted. People who refuse to answer are liars on top of being perverts. The question: “Have you stopped having sex with German Shepards?”