Nomination For A Hero Badge

Police Property room

Police in Sweden found a bomb and decided to do a controlled detonation. I am not a bomb tech and claim no expertise in that area. But I did stand at an adjacent urinal with a bomb tech. Here is what I learned. The concept behind a controlled detonation is to use a small explosive charge to destroy the triggering mechanism of a suspect device. It didn’t work out that way, in this case. Police spokesman Erik Terneborn admitted that the detonation, “did not go quite as one had hoped” but said the officers had taken such a scenario into account when they evacuated the area.

Let’s back up a bit. There police gave out the facts but neglected to tell the story. The motorbike was stolen in May of this year. It was recovered by police and stored in their property room. Here is the cop statement:

… the moped had been reported stolen in May of this year and that no explosives were discovered in it at the time it was found.

Police press statement

The owner came to pick up the motor scooter and found the explosive device under the seat. He alerted police.

What is wrong with this picture? Anything cops lay their hands on is accompanied by paperwork. In the case of a stolen vehicle there is a report explaining the circumstances of recovery. There is also a vehicle inventory or impound form. This form describes the contents within the vehicle and the condition of the vehicle right down to the whiskey dents in the side panels.

Somehow the police (plural) missed the bomb in the scooter. I say plural because there was the cop who found it. Then there was the cop who put it in the property room. The could have been others, since the motor scooter was in the property room for three months.

Oh well, another lesson learned. Hiding the lame, lazy, incompetent and stupid cops in the property room will eventually bite the police administration in the ass.

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