How To Screw With Liberals

The University of Texas sports fight song “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You” is now banned as being racist. The first thing one needs to know is that UT Austin produces two things, “steers and queers”. Don’t blame me, that is what an Aggie told me.

If you aren’t a UT fan the song probably doesn’t mean anything. However, if I said hum a few bars of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” chances are you could. As is typical of a liberal environment, the folks at UT couldn’t come up with a melody for “The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You,” so they stole one. Yup, here is the melody, sans lyrics. According to Wikipedia the origins may have been inspired by the very similar melody at the beginning of the cello solo about one minute into Franz von Suppé‘s 1846 Poet and Peasant overture.[3]

I’m assuming that the steers and queers of UT are offended by the lyrics of the fight song. This isn’t a stretch because everything seems to offend a liberal, including other liberals. Be that as it may, since the UT band won’t play the song anymore I think it is up to the bands representing opposing teams to play it.

What could be more innocent than a rousing rendition of “I’ve Been Working On the Railroad,” rather than that vile racist song of the “Eyes of Texas Are Upon You.” Substituting the UT two finger index and pinkie finger salute with just the middle finger is entirely optional.

Thanksgiving is coming. Be sure to remind the liberal shrews that show up for a free meal that suicide is a viable form of protest.