Tired of your baby mama’s shit? A short car ride. A deserted stretch of road. Dragging her rapidly cooling corpse out of the car. A clean get-a-way. All caught on video, huh? Not fair! Surveillance state! I got rights! There are some folks out there who will cry foul because this guy was captured on video surveillance.

Used to be hidden camera tricks were fun.

Alan Funt was sixty years ahead of his time.

I don’t know why there was a camera at that location. If I had to guess I would say because of incidents of illegal dumping. If so, the cops scored big time.

Conspiracy theorists will point to how perfectly centered the car and crook are in the video frame. And so? If one were religious, I guess God is line for the credit. If Arab in inclination, blame it on Kismet. Go further east and blame the camera view on Karma. Me, I kind of go with, “Shit happens.”

In my view, there is something inherently wrong with people who see the above video, with a default response of: “The dude got screwed!” Just because a turd thinks that his actions aren’t being observed, doesn’t make it so. What about baby mama and her unborn child? Seems to me they are the ones holding the shitty end of the stick.

Black lives matter, but not much.