Democrats Lie

Photos reportedly show massive stockpile of bottled water left on a runway for more than a year in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

The scum sucking democrats are already blaming the Trump administration for the FEMA response to the Carolina’s. It doesn’t matter that the storm hasn’t arrived yet. One good thing about calling the Feds for help. They have seemingly unlimited resources. Ask a Fed for an aspirin and you are liable to get a brain surgeon and full surgical team. One bad thing about the Feds. They haven’t got a clue about where to direct the resources, once they hit the city limits. It isn’t their fault.

Got a disaster? The Feds will converge from all points of the compass with everything the locals need. Once they get there the Feds need somebody to tell them where to go. Look at the photos.

The water was there, it wasn’t hidden and there was no fence. All the Feds needed was a local to say we need this, there. A year later the water hasn’t moved. Check local invoices, I bet there are plenty of people the got paid to move the water.

It was never intended that FEMA would walk in and take over. The local infrastructure, public safety, city, county and state government has the responsibility for directing the resources. Ray Nagin did such a good job with Katrina that the Feds rewarded him with a ten year all expense paid vacation at Club Fed. 

What is the old saying; “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” The Feds brought the water. Look at the pictures. The water is still there a year later. Whose fault is that?