What Did He Do That Was So Wrong?

 Tom Embury-Dennis,The Independent 4 hours ago 

'Dine-and-dash' dater allegedly left 10 women with hefty restaurant bills, telling one: 'Order whatever you want'

A “dine-and-dash” dater is facing years in prison for allegedly forcing a string of first dates to pay for their expensive meals by sneaking out of upscale restaurants after he had finished eating.

I understand the guy. I’m sure if he had any kind of indication by the end of the meal that he was gonna get laid, he’d have stuck around. He goes to the trouble of ordering an expensive meal and wine. He puts up with vapid talk for an hour, only to discover it’s all for naught. No pussy. Why hang around?

He would have been better served using my standard. No date unless she fronts the blow job. Why waste time and money? Like the Billy Strayhorn song I, “Don’t get around much anymore.”

What would Tony do?