Malicious Obedience?

People are doing more shopping on-line. Home delivery gave rise to porch pirates. These are people who cruise neighborhood stealing packages left for delivery. Delivery drivers attempt to hide the packages to prevent theft. Some attempts are more successful than others. Stupid drivers!

Yeah, the photo makes for a good laugh. You can find more examples here:

The rest of the story.

Now the other side of the story:

Actually…..individual customer delivery request instructions are programmed into our scanners by the address. I don’t hide anything….but if the request states “between the doors” or “under the mat”….that’s where it goes. Technically…a customer can file a complaint if the request isn’t followed to a “T”. Sounds silly? People are a**holes.

FedEx Guy September 12, 2020

Common sense isn’t common. Although it didn’t work at Nuremberg the German excuse is back in vogue. “I was just following orders.”