A Modest Proposal #671

Map showing wild fires as of 9/13/2020

In the countryside, forest fires are burning out of control. Fires are burning in metropolitan areas due to riots. Yahoo has provided a map (above) charting the location of the forest fires. Firefighting resources are stretched thin. The cops are stalemated in riot torn cities. Here is the article discussing the fires.

Never fear. I have a solution that will address both problems. It has been scientifically demonstrated that the judicious use of explosives can control forest fires.

I couldn’t help but notice that the fires seen to run in close proximity to the San Andreas fault. The solution is simple. Pack the San Andreas fault with explosives. Hopefully the ensuing explosion with cause everything west of the fault line to slide off into the ocean. The ocean will put out the fires. No more fires, no more riots and a significant reduction in liberal scum. It’s a win win. I can’t see a downside.

Great ideas don’t come from the timid.