LASO Deputies Ambushed

History Repeats

It’s just like the 70’s, again. The dinosaurs from the bad old days have retired. A new generation of cops have to learn what old farts like me took for granted. It was common back in the 70’s for radicals to sneak up on cops parked in patrol cars and shoot them. It is happening again. Time to dust off old lessons.

Here is a description of the good old days and the story of NYPD Officers Waverly Jones and Joseph Piagentini.

Back then the Black Liberation Army (BLA) killed sixteen cops in ambush attacks staged across the country. Sound familiar? BLM has taken a page from the BLA handbook. Cowards then, coward now.

These days cops have computers in their patrol cars. Chances are they are using those computers to write reports. Once the sun goes down that poses a problem.

I didn’t have that problem, no computer. Instead, I had a dome light, a clipboard, pen and report forms. Survival depended upon the officer being aware of his surroundings. The first step was to park in the middle of a parking lot with no other cars or foot traffic around. The next step was to look down, write a sentence, look up, look right, look left, check the mirror and scan in front. Write another sentence. Repeat. If it was quiet, then another officer might join. We would park driver’s door to driver’s door. Look up, look left, look front, look back and repeat.

If a pedestrian appeared on the horizon the report writing stopped. It was time to watch. Depending on the proximity, I might employ the eye-fuck. This was not an invitation to engage, but to send the message. I see you. I will not being taken unawares.

Maybe one time in twenty, a pedestrian would approach. I would address whatever concerns the person might have. If not cordial, I would be civil. I could afford to be because my pistol was in hand and aimed at the pedestrians belly. They never knew.

Forty years later, nothing but the names have changed. Two NYPD officers sitting in a patrol car are shot and killed by a guy who made the trip from Baltimore. His goal was to kill NYPD officers.
Ace of Spades blog arrived at the same destination as I. This isn’t to say the bad old days are back. Things change. In the 1970’s communications required a pocket full of quarters, or a mimeograph machine. The Internet didn’t exist. It could take days to transmit a message.

There was no Nazi collaborator like George Soros funding modern day Brown Shirts in the form of ANTIFA or BLM. Everybody has a cell phone and the Internet is ever present. Enemies of America all take a back seat to those who truly hate the U.S.: democrats. In democrat run cities politicians are doing their utmost to undermine the rule of law. There is no perversion to onerous and murder is a virtue. The MSM would have one believe that the democrat sentiment is widespread. They are merely parroting their mentor.

I have to believe that democrats and terrorists will ultimately fail. The difference is in what makes men like Jones, Piagentini, Liu, Ramos and almost every other police officer in the nation tick. They get up each day hoping to make a positive contribution to society. The cowards that killed the four officers acted out of hate. They may have been sending a message. But it was a message only twisted minds could discern.