Call Me Old Fashioned

Alyssa Nakken San Francisco Giants assistant coach.

The San Francisco Giants made MLB history by putting a person with braids in a game as a first base coach. Some claim that Alyssa Nakken is the first female coach to take the field in a game. This has not been established. According to the newest Justice of the Supreme Court, only a biologist can tell her sex for sure. I don’t think she’ll last because she lacks one essential component for MLB baseball.

No package to grab.
On the other hand, MLB has been trying to speed up the game. Take out the crotch grabbing, and most games would be over in an hour.

I know, I know! It works for rednecks.

Available on-line. Equipped with a pair of these Aylssa will fit right in.
This just in… Ty Cobb’s gravesite has been identified as a major new energy source. He’s spinning in his grave at twice the rate of a typical dynamo.