MSM Follies

Ever notice that the headlines have no relation to the story content? My pet peeve headline is ex-cop (fill in the blank). In the body of the story, we find that the subject of the story was a cop thirty years ago. No mention of the prison sentence or what he did after his employment as a cop ended. I’ve got a plan to beat the MSM at their own game. The other game the MSM plays is quoting so called experts. What to be an expert? All one needs to do is answer their silly questions. Greg Packer is the poster child for stinging the MSM. He has been quoted over 1000 times. This from Wikipedia: Greg Packer – Wikipedia

Another variation on the theme is attributing skills or lifestyles based on nothing more that the writers’ own bias. Here is an example:

Fox news posts a story about a guy who faked his death to avoid prosecution for possession of child pornography. The fugitive was characterized as a survivalist because he boogied with a bow and arrows, a knapsack and other undescribed “survival gear.” What does that mean? He could be a Robin Hood wanna be.

Antique surgical trepanning tool

Anyway, here’s my plan. I’m in the market for a trepanning tool. Bear with me on this. I’m law abiding, never been arrested and don’t intend to walk on the wild side. But just in case referring to Biden as President Poopy pants becomes a felony; I want to be prepared. If they come after me, the trepanning tool is just a first step in playing the media. I have a favor to ask of my readers. When I go, emphasize to anybody who asks, the fact that I made my escape equipped with my antique trepanning tool. That way the headline writes itself. It will read “San Antonio Brain Surgeon on the Lam.” I figure that will give me a couple of steps on the U.S. Marshals, a couple of miles on the FBI and Texas DPS will never leave the coffee shop.

Disgruntled retired cop? Haven’t seen him. There was this brain surgeon….