Beautiful People?

I enjoyed Alec Baldwin’s parody of PBS with his SNL PBS interview about “Sweddy Balls.” This latest revelation about his “dampback” wife ruins the whole parody thing for me. Baldwin and company in the SNL skit weren’t acting. They really are that clueless!

Turns out Baldwin’s bride she is a white bread WASP from Boston. Chances are she knows her way around Beacon Hill better than the Rio Grande. All the world is a stage. Unfortunately, the play was composed by writers from a TV soap, not Shakespeare.

When I lived in The Boston area in the 1970’s there was only one place that offered fine Mexican food. All of you who patronized 2 am fine dining know what I’m talking about. Yup, the three for a buck tacos at Jack-in-the-Box. Cardboard tortillas, hamburger and wilted lettuce and tomato accompanied by a faux hot sauce of mostly ketchup.

How was he to know? My experience with chicas there are several potential indications that the chica one married is an imposter. For example:

  • If she didn’t pack on at least fifty pounds after the wedding, she is not a real Chica.
  • Does she fly off into a rage for reasons that have no logical basis? (There is a fine line between Chicas and average white bread women.)
  • If you have never ducked flying objects, you may not have married a Chica.
  • Have you woken up and found her standing over the bed fingering a knife?
  • She accuses you of not loving her because you never beat her.

This list is not all inclusive. Some other indications may come to mind based on individual experience. The point is Baldwin and others of his ilk are given a forum so that they can express their opinion. Those opinions supposedly are incisive and worthy of belief. Meanwhile a Boston Wasp is demonstrating on a daily basis what fools they actually are.