Antifa – the for fat, ugly white girls,

Call me jaded, but showing up at a demonstration has less to do with the message and is more about the messenger. It is theater of the absurd. Shouting “black lives matter” while burning, looting and rioting undermines the whole premise. Shouting profanity and mindless slogans does nothing to convince anybody. It does draw attention to the shouter. So why bother?

I have looked through the pictures taken at various demonstrations. One thing I have not seen is attractive chicks with a nice rack. I suppose it could be that only fat ugly chicks have a social conscious. Hollywood would seem to bear this out. When you’re talking about fat ugly chick protestors it’s kind of hard to beat Rosie O’Donnell.

So what is it ANTIFA/BLA that attracts fat ugly chicks? Put the slogans, sign waving outrageous outfits into a different concept and it all begins to make sense. Fat girls need love.

Trust me, guys like edgy chicks this is a sure way to score.
Me, Me, pick me!
How does gluing ones tits to the street help the cause?

If you think about it, you will conclude I’m right. One solution would be to introduce the Incels, that is men who can’t get laid, to the fat ugly chicks. There will be peace in our time.