Nomination For Hero Badge

Fire Fighters at work

I’m a product of my environment. There has always been a rivalry between cops and fire fighters. Cops regard fire fighters as being not very bright prima donnas who get paid to lay around the firehouse. There they rest up for 24 hours so that when they get off shift they can go to their real job. Every once and a while they go out and save a cellar slab.

OK, maybe I’m being a little harsh on the laying around, cellar slab part. But I nailed the not very bright part. Here is a tale of woe from Houston.

The Houston firefighters union got a proposition on the ballot that forced the city to equalize the pay between police and firemen. The voters went for it. It didn’t matter that the City did not have the money to implement the pay increase. To make it work the city is going to lay of 220 firefighters.

I guess the union stance will be, “You guys don’t work here. We represent union members, no work, no union membership. Fuck you, we got ours!”

Ah, the benefits of union membership.