Don’t Need No Stinkin Badge

Treasure of Sierra Madre

Ho hum. I don’t see a fuck up on either side. Okay, the Mexican troops got a little lost. What I do see is two sets of professionals who realized they were in the middle of a blivet. That’s ten pounds of shit stuffed into a five pound bag. Both sides hunkered down, decided not to compare dick size and worked it out. Nobody got hurt and everybody went home.

Here is some news for Yankee idiots. The Rio Grande moves. As a border demarcation it sucks. As a general rule if your pant legs are wet chances are you crossed the border. But that isn’t hard and fast. Yeah, the Mexican troops screwed up. Did that screw up demand a fire fight or could the problem be resolved with a discussion between the noncoms on the ground?

I worked narcotics in the San Antonio area for fifteen years. My unit did not have exclusive rights to narcotics enforcement. The San Antonio Police Department, Bexar County Sheriff’s office, DEA, FBI and ATF also worked narcotics. As long as we stayed out of the coffee shops DPS and the Texas Rangers were not a factor. Occasionally we crossed paths.

It wasn’t unheard of that an task force undercover, (AANTF) would engage in negotiations for a dope deal with a DEA or SAPD undercover. During one such deal the AANTF cover team snapped to the presence of the DEA cover team. This took place in a bar. The two teams discovered that we were doing a dope deal with each other. The combined cover teams ran up the bar tab and made the undercover officers pay. Nobody got hurt until waking up the next morning.

On another occasion, the cover teams didn’t spot one another as a buy bust was being set up. Fortunately, an SAPD sniper recognized the AANTF undercover and alerted his team. My phone rang and my SAPD counterpart and I established that we were dealing with one another. Both teams packed up and stole off into the night.

I am not saying that this type of confrontation is not a problem. It is. It is not an international incident.