Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Rudy Giuliani
Claims he has 40 years of documents tracking Biden malfeasance, to be released if he meets an untimely end.

Rudy Giuliani describes the formula for a long life. Business attorneys regularly run across criminal conduct that is never prosecuted. The knowledge of the conduct is just rolled into the business negotiations. Look at any democrat politician, the law doesn’t apply to them. Republicans let them get away with it, because their hands aren’t much cleaner. These are the rules of the game, understood by all the players.

Trump isn’t playing by the rules. It isn’t that he is a paragon of virtue. He just doesn’t care. Giuliani has taken a page from his book. Does he have the dirt? It could be a bluff. Then again…

Two works of fiction come to mind that play with the premise of what the public perception is as opposed to what is really happening. One is by Joseph McNamara a Harvard educated New York City police officer who went on to become Chief of Police in San Jose, California. In the book The First Directive the corruption flows from all directions covered by a thin veneer of legitimacy.

The second is a classic by Richard Condon, Mile High chronicles the corrupt activities of an organized crime family as they manipulate society and government to achieve their goals.

I bring these stories up because while violence is certainly an option. There are other tried and true methods. According to Hollywood, discovered corruption leads to confrontation. Confrontation leads to the beleaguered hero and eventually shootouts galore. The reality seems to be when corruption is discovered the eternal question is: “Where’s mine?”

The old saying seems to be.”If you can’t beat them join them.” Replace confrontation with co-opting, that is closer to the truth.

The ball is Biden’s court. I suppose he could call Hillary.