She Seems Nice

This is a cautionary tale out of Tennessee. First the dog, then grandma.

Rudyard Kipling made the observation over a hundred years ago. It still holds true.

Imagine you are walking down the street. You see this guy approaching. What do you do? If you have anything resembling a survival instinct you cross the street. If you have a .45 on your hip and are bored, maybe you continue on.

What if you see her approaching?

You probably continue on. If you are lucky you pass shoulder to shoulder, each on their appointed rounds and nothing happens. If she is having a bad day. She flashes back to grandma’s Shih-Tzu, the .45 on the hip of the unwary is not going to be any protection. All guys are susceptible to sexy and cuddly. Even gay guys will pause to admire a cute outfit. Nature’s traditional warning signs don’t always apply to the human female.