If They Weren’t So Stupid, We’d Never Catch ‘Em

NYPD detectives were investigating a robbery in Brooklyn.  Two Detectives were in plain clothes while the third was wearing what I will characterize as a raid vest.  This is a reflective vest where the word POLICE figures prominently front and back.  It is not a fashion statement.  It is not groupie wear for a defunct rock group.  It serves to identify the wearer as a police officer. Story at the link.

At any rate, the three skells, that’s NYPD for turds.  Decide these three detectives are ripe for robbing.  So they approach, pull what turns out to be a BB gun and announce a robbery. If you’re gonna do stupid why not go whole hog, police vest, bb gun, announce a robbery.  Needless to say one the suspects was subsequently treated for multiple gunshot wounds, one was arrested at the scene and one escaped. One cop complained of ringing in his ear

We executed an early morning search warrant and after we had been there a while, my partner went out to what we called the “Jump Out Van” to retrieve something.  While he was rooting around inside this guy in a car pulled up and gave him a holler.  Ed walked over to the car.  He is wearing a bright yellow raid jacket that says POLICE up both sleeves, POLICE Across the back, and POLICE across the chest.  He is carrying two pistols, one on his waist and one on his hip.  He is a white guy standing in front of a house occupied by a black crack dealer.

The driver of the car waves $1000 cash at Ed and asks, “Are you serving?”

Ed replies, “How much?”

The driver says, ” I want it all.”

Ed, “replied you got it.” Yanked him out of the car, placed him under arrest  and seized his car.

“Crook complained that he had been entrapped because he didn’t know Ed was the police.

Prisons are made for some people. Some people are made for prison.