Guess the New York Slimes Missed This

Informants come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of motivations.  Some are professionals who are ever alert for the opportunity to exploit information and sell it to law enforcement. A few are good citizens who find themselves caught up in a situation and go to law enforcement for help.  Even fewer are good citizens who have no involvement but report suspicious activity.  Most informants are part of the criminal subculture they are actively subverting.  They do it for revenge, money, to keep themselves out trouble or to mitigate the trouble they are currently confronting.

According to the Smoking Gun, an Internet version of the National Enquirer, Al Sharpton was a FBI Snitch.  Every once and a while the Smoking Gun scares up a legitimate story, that is in-depth and well sourced, usually with supporting documentation provided.  This story meets all that criteria.

The Smoking Gun reports that Sharpton was given a choice of seating arrangements by the FBI.   He could sit in the gallery, behind the United States Attorney or in the dock, closer to his defense attorney.  Sharpton, wisely decided to assist the government with its investigation.  According to agents that worked him, he did good work and obtained lengthy recorded conversations from mobsters he met.  

I’m old, my mind isn’t what it was.  I don’t recall the Slimes giving Bibi Rebozo, when he was a Nixon associate or Frank Sinatra, when he was connected to  Kennedy, a bye regarding their underworld ties. Sharpton, on the other hand waltzes into the White House like he has a key to the backdoor. What is the Slimes motto, “All the news they deem fit to print”, something like that.

What does it say about the MSM when a supermarket tabloid and an Internet scandal page have more journalistic integrity than the “Newspaper of Record”.