Deja Vu, All over Again

Months ago I wrote about the revival of the “Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla,” here: Apparently, it is enjoying a revival of sorts. I guess we will be seeing a revival of the “Anarchists Cookbook” any day now.  The Daily Caller is reporting Armed-antifa-group-offers-training-manual-on-terrorism-and-guerrilla-warfare.

What is interesting is that both books had their heyday in the sixties, were both fashionable and both ultimately, failures. Think about that for a moment. In a time when the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba were fomenting revolution and supporting “revolutionary groups;” they couldn’t make the blueprint work.

I think that if one is interested in politics then, the “Mini-Manual for the Urban Guerrilla” is a good example of a bad example. If you just like dating left wing chicks because they “put out” then both should be displayed prominently on the coffee table.