Nomination for Hero Badge

How to be cool handling a gun and then there is the Federal Agent Way

TSA and Federal Agents Flying Armed could put together a comedy road show. According to reports, an unnamed agency, an unidentified agent shot himself while preparing to enter the TSA checkpoint. The explanation is straight out of Rube Goldberg.  Federal-agent-shoots-himself-in-foot-at-Orlando-International-Airport.

There is a procedure in place for armed law enforcement to fly. The officer must have proper identification, declare the weapon at the ticket counter and fill out the appropriate paperwork. He/she then presents the paperwork and identification to TSA. There is no reason that I am aware of to unholster the weapon. In this instance, there may have been no intent. Supposedly the strap from the carry on slid off the agent’s shoulder, fell across the holstered pistol and stripped it out of the holster. The agent dove for the gun apparently juggled it, and during the attempt to recover it, the gun went off, striking him in the heel.

Oh well, feds need desk jockey’s also.