Carmen Miranda displays new urban camo, reserved for combat in South Beach

The United States Military is a lot of things. It is a more effective educator than Harvard or any other Ivy League school. It has lifted up more people out of poverty than LBJ’s Great Society, at less cost. Historically, the Army Corps of Engineers built more critical infrastructure than any other entity. It did all of these things as part of its mission.

Consider the military takes all comers who pass the basic aptitude test and without regard to IQ puts them through the same program, teaches the same skill set and turns out a finished product at the end of basic. Any idiot can teach a group of motivated students with the same skill sets, look at Harvard and Elizabeth Warren (Princess Angry Beaver), of the UbangeeUbetcha Tribe, whose tribal lands were on Pearl Street near the Brockton/Avon line right near where Big Ed’s Poultry was located. The trick is to teach the idiot and genius the same thing, at the same time, and not lose either student.

Durning WWII psychologists had to rewrite the MMPI because many entering soldiers had never seen a shower and didn’t know what one was. This led to false answers; they weren’t adverse to bathing, they just didn’t equate showers with bathing.

Canals, roads, dams, bridges and public buildings were constructed by the United States Military in times of peace so that they could duplicate the effort in times of war.

Since the revolutionary war soldiers who served were eligible for land grants, loans, and education assistance all to give the soldier a new start once their enlistment was up.

Even the guy in the cheap suit who sold cheap suits in Kansas City and was supposed to be seen and not heard was partially right when the First Communist in the White House vapor locked in the office and he found himself in charge. The integration of the services was an operational necessity, that was instead, implemented like a social experiment.

Up until the mid-seventies in made sense to ban both homosexuals and so-called transsexuals from the military. It still makes sense to not only ban transsexuals but also to sue for losses due to false enlistment. The military is entitled to recoup the cost of training, room, and board from those individuals who enlisted under false pretenses.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) is the standard that the military uses to make determinations of mental health suitability. Up until the 1970’s homosexuality was considered a mental disease or defect. It was removed from a prior version of the DSM and is no longer treated in the psychology community as a disease or defect.

Transexual or body dysmorphic disorder Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), also known as dysmorphophobias, is an under-recognized yet relatively common and severe mental disorder that occurs around the world. It is recognized as a mental disease or defect in the DSM 5.

BDD can manifest itself in a number of ways, anorexia nervosa, and bulimia are variants of BDD. A person suffering from anorexia nervosa mistakenly believe that they are over weight and will starve themselves to hit the ideal weight. This can be a fatal disease. Bulimia is a variation on the theme, a person suffering from bulimia will eat all the time believing that they far exceed their “ideal weight.” They will then purge themselves to rid themselves of the excess calories. Transsexuals believe that they were born with the wrong genitals and that they rightfully belong to the opposite sex. Nobody would suggest stomach stapling or bariatric surgery as a treatment for persons suffering from anorexia nervosa or bulimia. That is not the case with transsexuals. Surgery is routinely performed to remove healthy tissue in medically unnecessary procedures.

It would seem that a person unable to function with original manufacturer’s equipment (OEM) is too mentally ill to be of any use in a combat role. Apologists will argue that not all military positions are combat roles. Tell that to the guys on the Bataan Death March and the boys in the band during the Battle of the Bulge. Trump-announcesban-on-transgender-individuals-serving-in-military.