Compare and Contrast #217

There is a fundamental difference between cats and dogs and cat people and dog people. I have had dogs as both pets and working dogs. I have inherited my mother’s cat. The cat didn’t like me, at first, but we have reached an accommodation. She is okay, but she isn’t a dog. I could go on at length, but why bother? I can make my point with photos. 

Fetus Undercover K-9 with improvised helmet. His job was to keep the boss from stroking out. He became an undercover K-9 to gain entry to motels that didn’t allow dogs. 
He sure looks happy to be there!
What’s tan and looks good on a bad guy?
There isn’t anything I can say, but the Internet is forever.
The dog may weigh more than the handler.
He paid for this portrait!
He ain’t heavy
Is that finger up the cat’s ass?
Taking a break
Watchful rest
Don’t ask, don’t tell
Can your cat do this?
Call if you need me.
Police K-9 performing CPR
Herding cats
I’ll take a wing, you get the drumstick. Working together.

Working dogs and their handlers do what they do, so that cats and cat people can remain unmolested.