Who Says, democrats Can’t Learn?

The Epstein Principle

Epstein Principle in action!

Democrats have been getting caught with bimbos for years. It used to be accusers had to rely on a narrative and little else. Then came technology. Cameras are everywhere. Flat denials and character assassination of the accuser isn’t as effective when the pictures start flying. They have since regrouped. Who can forget?

The Man who would be President, Gary Hart and the woman who stooped to conquer, Donna Rice.

Then there was Blow Job Bill the Serial Rapist.

While there are no action shots of Monica assuming the position, there is something better. The blue dress and evidence that Monica was a spitter and not a swallower. Oh, don’t forget the FBI DNA report.


Then Epstein showed up and solved the democrat PR problem. Pedophilia, the answer to a democrat politician’s prayer. Go ahead boff a little girl, or boy as the case may be. Let them complain or brag. They are under age. The press can’t identify them by name. Pictures, so what? Democrat perversion is only limited by imagination. Publishing the pictures of child sex is a felony! Buy the cops, muzzle the press… it’s like it never happened.

You haven’t got any pictures of Hunter (that you can use) to prove it.

It is alleged that images of Hunter Biden having sex with underage Chinese girls have been found on his laptop. Like Father, like son?