This Is So Wrong!

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

Report: Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder Told Cheerleading Director to ‘Keep Them Skinny with Big T*ts’

Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder shouldn’t have said that. His point goes without saying. What he should have said to the Cheerleading Director is, “Fat and flat chested? You’re fired.”

Let’s face it football is fantasy. Guys watch it for a variety of reasons. They watch the players, remember their glory days of high school football, and think that coulda been me. They watch spoiled players go through the motions of playing the game in order to collect million dollar paychecks and see heroism, where none exists. They hope for a glimpse of the cheerleaders on the sidelines. Hope springs eternal that maybe, this time a boob will slip free. If they wanted to see flat chested and fat chicks they would look across the room to their wives and girlfriends.

I guess there is a reason I’ve never been to a Super Bowl party.