Which Came First?

Commercial Marijuana Grow

Surprise, Surprise! marijuana growers are complaining that other marijuana growers are not following the law. Illegal growers are undercutting the legal operations. Legal growers are upset. State authorities are upset because tax revenue is not meeting expectations. The Feds and neighboring states where marijuana is still illegal are upset due to the influx of surplus weed. Who could have predicted it?


Which came first the chicken or the egg? Or more on point are dopers criminals because dope is illegal? Or are they criminals first and foremost and dopers second?

Before there can be a decision to indulge in an illegal substance, there is an illegal act. The old saw that people use drugs because of their addiction doesn’t hold true. Before they are users they must first obtain and possess the substance. So what?

Society dictates what are acceptable and unacceptable acts. Drug use, theft, robbery and rape are considered to be unacceptable. The person that fires up a joint, enters a 7-11 with a gun and robbery in mind, or commits a sexual assault does so with the same mindset. “I know what society expects, and this activity is wrong. Fuck em, I’m going to do it anyway.”

James Q Wilson pointed out over 30 years ago that the criminal income of most criminals would be the same as if they worked full time at 7-11. Being a crook means having ample time to hang out. Nobody fears or respects a 7-11 clerk. An individual can achieve status in a criminal subculture that eludes them in “straight” life.

There is the financial consideration. Illegal growers don’t pay for permits or licenses. They don’t report revenues or pay taxes. Consumers probably can’t distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate marijuana. The legalization of pot has removed the inclination to investigate and decreased the risk of arrest.

Mean while the consumers get crazier and crazier as excessive consumption of THC seems to be linked to schizophrenia, psychotic episodes, and physical aliments.

Just a broke down old narc, what do I know?