Nomination For Hero Badge

Liberal Idiots

The rocket scientists that run Los Angeles can’t figure out why they are inundated with homeless shit heads while neighboring suburbs only have plain old garden variety shithead citizens.

Above is a picture of Ventura Blvd. It is a boundary street between LA and a burb. To the right LA and homeless turds. To the left, suburbia and no homeless. Whatever turds inhabit suburbia pay taxes, don’t shit in the street and live in a purpose built dwelling

It’s real simple. Homeless congregate where the living is easy. That means plentiful dope, booze and no or minimal law enforcement. It is not a crime to be homeless. By the same token, being homeless does not give bums a pass. They still have to obey the law. All the laws.

That means no shitting in public. I am gonna take a shot and guess it also means no public consumption of alcohol, no public intoxication, no littering, no blocking sidewalks, no soliciting in the roadway. California cops used to bust people for fresh needle tracks and being under the influence of narcotics. I guess they hand out new needles nowadays.

The suburbs have implemented a radical plan. They enforce the law. Shit on the sidewalk, go to jail. Pile all your worldly possessions in a grocery cart from Safeway, go to jail. Safeway sells groceries not carts. Block the sidewalk, off to jail.

Bad things happen in jail. Jailers make you take a shower. They take your clothes away and may even wash them. It is tough to get high in jail. If you don’t follow inmate rules, a nonconformist will get his ass stomped by the inmates.

Liberals are really fond on quoting Darwin. Then they open up soup kitchens and suspend the rule of law, so that those incapable or unwilling don’t have to adapt to their environment. The onus is on the species to adapt to the environment. Liberals try to modify the environment to accommodate the nonconforming species. Unfortunately there aren’t sufficient predators to cull the herd of the lame, lazy, stupid and crazy.