Teachers Being Bad

It is easy to focus on sex abuse by Catholic Priests. All abusers fall under the umbrella of the Catholic Church. Try to find statistics on school staff. Thousands of school districts spread the examples of abuse across a wide spectrum. 

Authorities arrested an Alabama high school teacher Wednesday, accusing her of committing 12 sex crimes against three different students.
Police charged Ashley Nicole “Nikki” Maddox, 31, with two Class C felony counts and 10 Class A misdemeanors, Chilton County Chief Deputy District Attorney CJ Robinson told AL.com.
Maddox, who is married and has a son, taught Algebra I and Algebraic Essentials at Chilton County High School.
Let’s get real about clerical sex abuse
Sexual abuse by Catholic Priests is well documented. Abuse by teachers and school staff is far worse and under reported in studies. Anecdotal examples can be found, on a  weekly basis.

A study conducted by Hofstra University showed that many allegations of sex abuse are handled outside the criminal justice system. Offenders are allowed to resign or fired for cause other than sex abuse.

I’m sure that there is a reasonable explanation to explain the incident. She is a math teacher. I would guess she was teaching the new math, the part about “goesinto” and got carried away with the learning aids.