Squirrel with Squirrel Kicked Off Flight

Unlike Rocky, this squirrel can’t fly.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Frontier Airlines said a woman had to be escorted off a flight bound for Cleveland Tuesday night due to a squirrel. Frontier said a passenger boarded Flight 1612 in Orlando, saying the squirrel was an emotional support animal.

 The airline permits emotional support animals, as long as they aren’t rodents. Police had to be called. The flight was delayed. 
Back in the good old days, families had the good sense to lock their wacko family members away so they wouldn’t be a cause for embarrassment. 

It seems like Catch-22. Some folks are too crazy to be allowed to run around lose without an emotional crutch. At the same time they are not crazy enough to lock up in the basement. If society kowtows to the wackos they are not crazy and can run around unfettered. If society doesn’t bow to the wishes of the demented, they’re nuts.

Sounds like an over indulged two-year-old.

It is time to re-examine that policy. I say we hide away all psychologists and psychiatrists. Such a policy would cure much of the current craziness. I know this seems a little harsh. The other alternative would be mandate that mental health professionals be limited to owning cars at the lowest price point. Without the monthly payments of a Mercedes Benz looming their heads there would be no incentive of psychologists and psychiatrists to sign off on some of their stupider diagnoses. 

If you don’t like standing up to pee, then by all means sit down. Lopping off your Johnson is not an alternative. Afraid to fly without an emotional support animal? Don’t fly. You chopped up fifteen prostitutes because you don’t like your mother? Dude, you’re one evil son-of-a-bitch. Too crazy to execute, the condemned wouldn’t understand? That makes it easier, tell the condemned that the needle is going to take him to Disneyland. He’ll go to the death chamber skipping and singing.

The airline ought to send this woman a bill for these antics. I bet a bill for $50,000 to $100,000 would do more to change her mental state than a fuckin’ glorified rat in her pocket.