Nomination For Hero Badge

This is the face of the modern police administrator. Acts of cowardice are somehow contrived to be  heroic.

 I am going to piss off my police chief friends. What I am about to say is not a blanket condemnation of police administrators, however police and administrators are a dying breed. They have been replaced by administrators that happen to run police agencies. The truth is a police officer is a little less a police officer with each step up in rank. At a certain point, determined by the individual and culture of the agency, achievement of rank cancels out any claim to being a “police officer.”

The turd, in the story above, is a prime example. Have no doubt that this asshole demands immediate and unswerving loyalty of his subordinates. His actions show that is a one way street. A subordinate police officer is attacked, stabbed and murdered and the Chief’s reaction is to lock his doors.

If I didn’t work for this asshole, I worked for his first cousin. 

The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places. Bryant H. McGill

Bryant H McGill

Cops run towards danger. The future Deputy Head of Scotland Yard cowered in the front seat of his car. Cops find themselves in situations where they are ill equipped, but they muddle through. This modern police administrator locked his doors. Cops know that intervention, even marginal intervention, may be enough to throw the offender off his game. This hero sat quietly and hoped that the bad guy wouldn’t notice him. The cop, in this incident, got one hell of a funeral. His boss got a promotion.

Meet the new boss. Keep in mind that the United States Supreme Court has ruled that police do not have a “duty” to protect individuals. You are on your own. Individual survival is dictated by the amount of effort a person is willing to experience in order to survive.