Stupid Crook Tricks

Florida Man has the same meaning as stupid crook trick.

A Florida man attempted to hide his legless girlfriend in a plastic tote bin. The cops found her anyway. No word on whether or not they used the tote to take her to jail.

Girlfriend lost her legs as the result of an armed confrontation with police. She used a BB gun to take patrons of a Burger King hostage. The SWAT team arrived and rescued the hostages. They weren’t carrying BB guns. She lost both legs.

The latest arrest comes in the form of a fugitive warrant for that incident. I’d say she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

The article does not indicate if drugs were a factor. Looking at her booking photograph, I’d be willing to bet that she can spell methamphetamine. She can also come up with two dozen slang terms for speed, crank, go-fast….