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Bernie Sanders Floats $10 Billion Federal Program to Help Ex-Convicts Work in Marijuana Industry

An activist smokes a joint during a protest against the prohibition of bearing a minimum dose of marijuana for consumption, in Bogota on September 6, 2018. - The government is preparing a decree that empowers the police to confiscate small quantities of drugs to consumers. (Photo by Raul ARBOLEDA / …

HANNAH BLEAU26 Oct 20197013:19

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is proposing a $10 billion federal program to help former convicts work in the marijuana industry. The proposal, which he released Thursday at approximately 4:20 p.m. Eastern, is part of his comprehensive plan to legalize marijuana nationwide.

I think that Sen. Sanders plan is rather grandiose. But I see a potential area, where we can agree. It involves prison industry and the death penalty. The marriage of my plan with Sen. Sanders could result in the elimination of controversy and a substantial savings for taxpayers. As an unanticipated consequence it might result in a lowering of prison populations and unburden the appellate court system.

Here is my plan. I think it is obvious that Sen. Sanders plan and mine dovetail. States that require lethal injection, as a means of execution are experiencing push back. Manufacturers don’t want their drug utilized. Opponents claim that the preferred drugs are cruel and unusual punishment.

Every year police seize tons of illegal drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, Fentanyl and Oxycontin. They also arrest and imprison individuals involved in the manufacture and distribution of those drugs. According to folks in the Bernie Sanders camp, these drugs are benign and in many cases an aid to self actualization for the users. Mixed or used in sufficient quantities they are also lethal.

The problem of supply of suitable execution drugs is therefore solved. The state has virtually unlimited quantities of potential execution drugs. The second problem, of cruel and unusual punishment is also addressed. Many Sanders supporters and opponents of the death penalty would willingly ingest these substances, given the opportunity.

Prisons are full of would be chemists who can ensure purity. As an added benefit in addition to a last meal, the condemned would be able to choose their execution cocktail. They could go out slow and dreamy, with a massive overdose of heroin. They could jump on the roller coaster of a massive speedball, or any combination of their choosing.

Since the drugs are confiscated and the chemists are incarcerated, the expense associated with procuring and preparing the execution cocktail is significantly curtailed. This is a win for the taxpayer.

I suspect that many inmates awaiting execution will be tempted to drop their appeals. The choice is clear, languish on death row for years or go out on a cocktail of their choice. Boredom or the chance to ride a high that makes it seem like all their birthdays are coming out the end of their pee-pee. I see appeals going by the wayside.

There is only one problem I can see under this plan. Some individuals faced with a paying parking ticket may demand execution.

The gulf between liberals and conservatives is not insurmountable. Occasionally we reach the same place. Just don’t look too closely at the route the liberal took to get there.

I could have sworn we were talking about the same thing!