Impeachment Blah, blah, blah

The segment starts about 1 minute in

With very few exceptions, hearsay is not allowed as evidence. A third party relating a conversation to which they weren’t a party can miss nuances. Even if the witness gets the conversation right, the interpretation of the meaning is nothing more than a best guess.

Even the principles in the conversation have to be careful to ensure both parties are on the same page. A perfect illustration of what I mean can be found in this scene from LA Law an 1980’s TV show. It begins about one minute in.

The scene takes place in a sushi bar. The lawyer character strikes up a conversation with a woman stranger seated next to him. He is discussing the joys of eating sushi. She is an undercover vice decoy. All she is hearing is a solicitation for prostitution. The end result: he didn’t get the giant clam, bearded or otherwise.

Who’s On First?

An oldie but goodie that illustrates the whole controversy, is this Abbott and Costello routine. Bud Abbott has a perfectly rational description of a baseball line up. Unfortunately he is talking to an idiot, Lou Costello.

I can’t think of a more on point illustration of why the democrats don’t have anything.