Compare and Contrast

In Dallas a wacko divorced mother arbitrarily decides that one of her twin boys is actually a girl. Mama is a physician with deep pockets so it isn’t any problem finding mental health whores professionals to go along with her scheme. As to lawyers, that is a no brainer. If she has the cash, anything is possible.

Like wackos everywhere, she isn’t content to play dress up with the kid. She won’t be happy until everybody buys off on her madness. She wants to revoke the father’s custody because dad treats the boy like a boy. This in her deranged mind is abusive. She is trying to rename the kid Luna. Frank Zappa beat her to “Moon Unit” fifty-two years ago.

She has taken the old man to court to change the custody arrangement. She is also seeking to obtain an order to begin the conversion process to turn he into a she, against the father’s wishes. Nobody cares what the seven-year-old wants. The story is at the link.

Remember Occam’s Razor. The simplest explanation is probably correct. Her former husband has escaped from her man hating clutches, before she was able to emasculate him. There is always his son. The kid will do in a pinch. Alternatively, the kid really is a girl, trapped in a boy’s body. Mama is a vindictive wacko is a simpler explanation.

A Dallas jury went along with the mother’s wishes. Governor Abbott stepped up and ordered the Texas Attorney General and the state agency charged with protecting children to look into the case. What used to be Child Protective Services has gone through a name change. Guess they got tired of people laughing at them under the old name. Here is that story.

Liberals are horrified that Texas uses lethal injection to execute prisoners. The drugs may have side effects, the horror. Why do they use an alcohol swab to prep the area for the needle? At the point, that the condemned is strapped to the gurney, infection is the least of his worries.

Here’s what I don’t get. A condemned inmate has had a trial and numerous appeals, none of which prevailed. According to liberals, it is not enough.

On the other hand a mother who is crazier than a shit house rat can wake up one morning and decide she wants a daughter instead of a son. Liberals are cool with that.

But wait it gets better! The drugs that involved in the trans process have side effects. Being a liberal is the ability to have diametrically opposed opinions without seeing the conflict.

Chemical castration for sex offenders, either court ordered or voluntary is wrong, in the liberal world. However chemical castration is perfectly acceptable on children. Here are some take aways from the link below.

there has been an ongoing debate about chemical castration for a variety of social and medical reasons. Social problems include that chemical castration may not guarantee human rights for involuntary cases performed without informed consent of the sexual offender, and thus may be regarded as only punishment and not treatment. Chemical castration has been executed without informed consent in Korea and in three states of the Unites States

Chemical Castration for Sexual Offenders: Physicians’ Views
Joo Yong Lee and Kang Su Cho

However, chemical castration under the current laws is vaguely positioned between punishment and treatment due to lack of informed consent by the recipient, and so remains a problematic issue for medical ethics. Therefore, physicians are obligated to very closely monitor any potential treatment complications in sexual offenders undergoing chemical castration.

Chemical Castration for Sexual Offenders: Physicians’ Views
Joo Yong Lee and Kang Su Cho

The bill relies on unsound medical science and ignores psychological factors.
“There is a need for a meaningful collaboration between legislative bodies and the scientific-medical communities in order to establish public policies and treatment protocols that can better ensure community safety. In conjunction with that effort, it should be appreciated that people who are sexually attracted to children need and deserve access to appropriate mental health treatment.” —

Dr. Fred Berlin, The Hill

I didn’t read this final article. I include it only because the headline is right up there with “Headless Body, In Topless Bar”

Chemical castration: the soft option? – The Guardian

Course the 900 lb gorilla in the room is the Texas Board of Medical Examiners, they gave this wacko a license to practice medicine.

These Days, One Can’t Be Too Careful