Nomination For Hero Badge

DEPUTY: Stephen Dorff in the Graduation Day season premiere episode of DEPUTY airing Thursday, Jan. 2 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

I admit I watched about twenty minutes of the show. But I have a good excuse. I wanted to see how the writers of the show manipulated a guy to High Sheriff from uniformed sergeant in the largest Sheriff’s office in the country. Poof, six layers of bureaucracy gone in an instant.

How they did it is just as unbelievable as the rest of the show. The Sheriff has a heart attack and dies. I guest that’s better than being indicted by the Feds. A provision in the county charter from hundreds of years ago supplies the answer. Upon the death of the incumbent, the longest serving deputy of the mounted patrol becomes the acting Sheriff.

Voila, our hero becomes the new Sheriff. Having pissed off the powers that be, he has been relegated to the mounted patrol and he is long serving. (Spoiler alert, this means all his suck ass contemporaries who promoted over him are now his subordinates. Can you say payback is a bitch?)

Think about this premise a moment. Mounted patrol? Charter finding from hundreds of years ago. I got news for you, back then a deputy either walked or rode a horse. What mounted patrol?

So here we have it. A reluctant Sheriff, surrounded by back stabbing opportunists and supplemented by a Gidget look-a-like of undetermined sexual orientation. What’s not to love?

Did I mention the high body count? I guess because the Sheriff did his fair share of killing there was no need for a follow up investigation.

Oh well, I think Adam-12 is on in the afternoon on MeTV.