Florida Man…

Florida is a state of mind. Which came first? Is Florida really ground zero for bizarre behavior? Or could it be that Floridians are intolerant and reject diversity and inclusiveness, leading to confrontations?

Take the plight of the poor soul, at the link. There he was, late at night, naked, rolling around in a ditch, covered in mud and making bird calls. What could be more diverse than that?

Some intolerant SOB called the cops and the fight was on. Before it was over he punched a cop and bit a police dog. The dog returned the favor.


The group tracked Watts to nearby woods. When he saw Casper, the nude man got down on his hands and knees and began acting like a dog himself, Action News Jax reported.

Casper’s handler then gave the dog the command to bring the suspect down. When the dog engaged Watts, he grabbed the animal’s head, bit his ear and wrestled him to the ground.

Enraged, the dog worked his way free and bit Watts’s head as he was being taken into custody.

The reporter wasn’t content to finish the story at the booking desk. The reporter noted that it is not uncommon for suspects who are confronted by police K-9’s to meet them on the dog’s terms. This results in bites all around.

Criminals biting police dogs is a surprisingly common occurrence. In September, KOAT reported that a New Mexico man who had been fighting with a woman barricaded himself inside her home. A K-9 unit was sent to flush him out and the man bit the dog’s neck before being apprehended.

The animal officer was given a course of antibiotics to fight off any infection from the perp’s saliva.

Earlier in the year, Gray News reported that Matthew Williams, 35, was arrested by police in a La Quinta Inn in Manchester, NH after barricading himself in a motel room. A K-9 unit was brought in to roust Williams, who responded by biting the dog on the top of the head.

I see a revision in police K-9 training that needs to be considered. Current methodology results in a physical confrontation. This increases the likelihood that somebody is going to get bit. This results in medical and vet bills. With every bite there is a possibility of law suits. Bleeding hearts will go into palpitations regarding excessive force.

This reporter has illustrated that many offenders, when confronted with a police K-9, mirror the dog. Dogs can be trained to handle situations in a certain way. Drug detecting dogs can be trained to either aggressively alert, (paw at the location containing drugs), or passively alert, (that is sit down). For obvious reasons, bomb detecting dogs use a passive alert. Attack dogs can be trained to go for the bite. They can also be trained to bark and hold, (that is intimidate the suspect and make him stop).

I see a variation. The K-9 can be trained to recognize mirroring behavior of the suspect. When the dog sees this behavior, the K-9 immediately begins to lick his or her own genitals.

When the suspect moves to emulate the dog, he will be at a disadvantage. His vision and mobility will be compromised. Should the offender be successful in licking his own genitals, he likely will have lost his train of thought. Either way, police will have a decided advantage in taking control without violence.

Upside, no lawsuits. Downside. an increase in Chiropractic bills.

Implementing innovation is never easy. Some people will scoff.