Fake News Strikes Again!

Oklahoma Man Steals Truck With Goat From Porn Shop

At first blush, it appears that an Oklahoma man was trying to give “Florida Man” some competition. The story behind the headline just didn’t live up to its promise.


There are just so many thinks wrong with the story. “Man steals truck with goat from porn shop.” Kinda catchy. But what does it mean? Was the goat an co-conspirator or a victim? Maybe the goat was used as a weapon? The headline isn’t clear. Where does the porn shop come into play? Is it a location where the event began? Could it be the residence or place of employment for the goat?

The body of the story clears things up. It turns out the goat and the porn shop really don’t play a role in events. Your garden variety turd found a pickup truck parked at a porn shop. I suspect the keys were in it, because the owner was asleep in the back seat. So we have a crook too stupid to hot wire the truck or check the back seat.

As the crook discovered the owner and his pet goat, he kicked them both out of the truck. The owner activated On-Star and the vehicle was soon recovered.

Florida man’s antics remain unchallenged. The Daily Caller needs a lesson in headlines.

Still the Champ!