Nomination For Hero Badge

The FBI is investigating tattoos in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office (LASO). It has come to their attention that Cops are wearing tattoos. This should say something about FBI agents. I wait with baited breath for their conclusion. Do tattoos cause criminal behavior? Or do people engaged in a criminal lifestyle get tattoos.?

First off, the FBI was amazed that cops had permanent tattoos. The bureau only allowed them to have rub on tattoos and then only outside the office.

Cop Tattoos

I’m not a fan of tattoos on cops. I understand that officers sometimes get a tattoo out of unit pride. In my unit, Alamo Area Narcotics Task Force (AANTF) some guys guys had a tattoo of a masked Ant wielding a machine gun. I always felt it would be hard to explain in an undercover situation.

Another consideration is no matter how innocuous the unit tattoo may be, the wearer will be subject to compromise. There will always be wannabe’s and bureaucratic scum suckers that will paint such a tattoo in as negative light as possible.

In the late 70’s early 80’s SWAT teams started investigating the use of explosives to either breach a door or create an opening in order to effect a building entry. SAPD practiced the technique and became the first agency to actually use the technique in an operation.

To celebrate they came up with a tattoo. It started with the ZZ Top logo (below)

They then turned the double z’s vertical and placed “Total” above and “Hit” below. The whole thing was under two inches in size.

It wasn’t long before the scum suckers crawled out of the wood work claiming that the SWAT team was sporting Nazi SS tattoos. The SWAT guys were so damned mad that their motives and tattoo was mischaracterized. The Chief could side with his officers or his fellow scum suckers. The officers lost. They were ordered to alter the tattoos.

Here is a fun thing to do. Find a current SAPD SWAT officer, tackle him and strip him down, odds are you will find a Total Hit tattoo. No fair using a big titted blond and copious amounts of beer to get him out of his duds. Let me know how it works out.

There are guys in law enforcement agencies throughout the country who are authorities when it comes to reading gang tattoos. They are experts at making extra work for patrol officers. Booking officers expend a lot of effort photographing and documenting tattoos on suspects. All of this effort guarantees that the “expert” will never have to leave the office to do an actual investigation.

All I can tell from looking at tattoos is following. The wearer has issues regarding self image. He, she is probably easily led. It seems like many stories recounting the first tattoo begins with beer and the phrase: “You ain’t got a hair on your ass.” I question their ability to plan and organize. How does mama go about explaining to a three year old that, “Sweet Tits” planted on her left boob is not the source of chocolate milk? The age and financial status of many tattooed wonders lead me to believe that money spent on tattoos should have spent on textbooks.

Many police departments require that tattoos be entirely covered. I suspect that excessive tattoos are probably a cause for rejection at many departments.

One Cop that slipped through.

The expert tattoo readers never snapped to these tats.

Officer Julian Pesina

Balcones Heights officer killed by gang for being cop while claiming to be gang member

Court records allege Julian Pesina was selling drugs for Texas Mexican Mafia

By Tim Gerber – Reporter/AnchorPosted: 9:29 PM, February 20, 2017Updated: 9:29 PM, February 20, 2017

SAN ANTONIO – It’s been nearly three years since Balcones Heights police Officer Julian Pesina was shot to death in an ambush set up by the Texas Mexican Mafia.

Pesina was off duty when he was gunned down outside a tattoo and piercing studio he co-owned located in the 1200 block of Babcock Road on May 4, 2014.

Federal court documents filed last week reveal new information about why Pesina, a self proclaimed member of the notorious prison gang, was executed by its leaders.

The documents, part of the federal government’s case against Pesina murder suspects Alfredo Cardona and Jesse Santibanez, allege Pesina was selling drugs to TMM members before he was ambushed.

The documents state Pesina claimed to be a TMM member “who had not reported to the gang in 6 years.” The gang’s leadership levied a $6,000 fine against Pesina. According to the documents Pesina then began reporting to the Northside TMM leadership including gang sergeant Jerry Idrogo and lieutenant Ruben Reyes.

Not stated is that the FBI watched the murder of Pesina but didn’t intervene. Works for me.

The FBI and public integrity, pot calling the kettle black.