This Is So Wrong…

A carjacker stole a vehicle with three small children inside. He got stuck in traffic which allowed both the father and mother to catch up with him. They peeled him out of the car. Then, with the help of bystanders, they subdued his ass to death.

From the City of brotherly love. The thief did not survive the encounter.

That’s just so wrong. In Texas, dad could have shot the thief, one round and done. But this is Philadelphia. Dad and a group of good Samaritans had to risk bruised knuckles and stubbed toes. Then there is the dry cleaning bill for blood spatter and working up a sweat.

The family of the thief is going to be really pissed. There are no deep pockets in sight. That means that they don’t qualify for the Ghetto Lottery. On the plus side the family will no longer have to put up with the thief’s bullshit.